Wet n Wild Goth O Graphic Collection Swatches !

summer deals!

Let’s just hop into it shall we!? So as a disclaimer.. I received this as a gift from a friend and I have all but one product! I’m so thankful for this gift it was very considerate of them! ❤

I love Wet n Wild products I always have. My love for them has just grown (Just like my collection of products. lol)   They’ve really stepped up their quality and game lately and I’ve been SO impressed and I’ve always enjoyed their collections they bring out. So without further to do.. let’s get into the swatches!

All products that I got:

💀  All four Liquid Metallic Lipsticks

💀 All Four Liquid Metallic Eye shadows

💀 Both pressed powder Highlighters

💀 Highlighter Stick

💀Metallic Liquid eyeliners

Highlighting StickHell O Darkness (4).pngDeath to Unicorns (4)Black Butterfly (2)

I’ve got to say they are all pretty shades and very glittery! I am still needing to play around some more with the products before I come to my final conclusions. So keep a eye out for that post in the future 🙂



Halloween Makeup

Katie bug my lil sister wanted to be a Geisha girl 🙂

We did this half pumpkin on my friend Sam! How freaking awesome is this?!

Then I wanted to try and do Pirate makeup. Turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

New Hair! 

Just call me strawberry shortcake! 😉 Haha! Missed my Red hair to much I had to bring it back! Just this time with a little more punch factor 😁 here’s before and after pics as well as the products we used and the best part is I personally didnt have to bleach it to get I this red! (Got them from Sally’s) 

I’m LOVING this hair 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour pallet TJ Max Find💋

So recently I was in TJ max and saw this beauty for $20. And after a really crappy week and decided to treat myself and I’m almost out of my wet n wild contour so it helps justify it. 😉 I thought I’d share some thoughts on it with you since I’ve tried it out a bit. 🙂 

Its like I said on Snapchat haha! All the powders are very pigmented even when you tap the excess off its still crazy pigmented. They blend like a dream and aren’t streaky the colors last all day and so far It has yet to make me breakout. I will keep you posted on that though. I haven’t found one bronzer or contour powder/ cream that hasn’t made me break out. 

The light colors there’s a Vanilla creamy white shade, a Yellow shade and a peachy shade. And for contouring they have a lighter cool toned shade, a medium warmer shade (I use this as my bronzer) and the last darker shade which for me is the perfect mix of cool and warm toned. It won’t make you look ashy but it won’t make you look orange pumpkin either. 👌  Here’s two pictures of me wearing the pallet for those who want to see it in action! X) Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and that you liked this quick post❤

Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid 🖤

Midnight mermaid

So I recently walked through our Walgreens and saw the Wet n Wild’s Midnight mermaid collection. I grabbed a Metallic liquid lipstick, two Metallic Liquid eye shadows and the highlight. After I purchased them I walked out to my jeep and once I got in it I swatched them and I was so amazed at the colors and pigmentation I went right back in and bought the other two liquid eye shadows and the other lipsticks.  haha! 😂 The only thing’s I didn’t buy were the eyeliners. So, I don’t have swatches of those for you I’m sorry but I do for everything else! 🙂

💰 Prices 💰

💸 Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows: $4.99

💸 Metallic Liquid Lipsticks: $4.99

💸 Midnight Moon, Mermaid Highlighting Bar: $6.99


Sea Seduction

The Lipsticks 💄  are beautiful! They’re comfortable to wear, beautifully pigmented,  they are kind of a semi matte formula so they last fairly well also!  And for $4.99?! It’s worth every cent! My two favorite’s are Sea seduction 💋 and Sirens Jewel 💋 ❤

Lara's Necklace.png


Now picture’s aren’t doing these metallic glittery eye shadows justice! ✨  These are so pretty! Now, they aren’t the *BEST* Liquid eye shadows but they are still pretty good compared to other’s I’ve tried. Some are a little more streaky like Moonlight Majesty and Lara’s necklace and they don’t always layer the best but I like to use my finger to pat it on which helps it a bit. I can give a better review after I’ve played with them some more. 🙂


Midnight Moon

This Highlight in Midnight, Moon though!!! 😍 😍  I *Love* this highlight! It’s so beautiful and not super chunky or chalky. It’s a beautiful light pearl/ gold, it’s not super glittery and it looks Stunning it’s self or with other highlighters. 😍  Definitely love and suggest this bad boy! ❤

You can find these products Here! They won’t be around super long since they are Limited addition! ❤ Hope you enjoyed this lil post. Let me know if you got any of them and what you thought! ❤

Vacation makeup Haul!

Hello beautifuls! Long time no chat! I know, I did it again I went MIA I’m sorry! Once again some serious life happened. But I’m goin to try and do at least one post a week. 🙂

We were on vacation from the 20th of April to the 2nd of May and I got to go to Sephora and an Ulta! So I’m gonna show you the goodies my mom helped me get! 😀


❤ Small Sephora ZPallet

❤ Essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara in 03 soft browny brows

❤ NYX color mascara in Mint Julep

❤ Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Gold Addict

❤ Makeup Revolutionn Unicorns Unite eyeshadow pallet

❤ Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever eyeshadow Pallet

I haven’t ever tried Makeup Revolution and have really been wanting to! And thanks to my wonderful mom I was able to! ❤ Here’s some swatches of the eye shadow pallets and the Highlighter:


The Highlighter is *So* pretty! It’s a slight bit chalky type texture but it’s super gorgeous and you can really build it up! I Love it! And am sometime going to use some setting spray on a brush to apply to see how intense it can get because, I love me a good highlight! 😉 ❤

On my left eyebrow is the Essense brow mascara gel It’s kind of light but the other one I had looked at looked to dark but I think I’ll get the darker one instead next time because this one’s pretty light. But I still really like it so far especially for only $2.99! And I put the NYX blueish mascara on so you could see it. You can really build up the color! And I saw you can use it on your brows as well which I really want to try! 😀




Ipsy Day!


1487348250360Today I got this months Ipsy bag! So excited ! So far I’ve really loved my ipsy bags! Grnted there’s been a few misses sometimes but all in all I’ve loved it!  And today I thought I would share with you what I got in my bag! 🙂

20170217_080647 So In my bag this month I got:

  • Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in $12 Latte
  • Luna baked highlighter in Calypso
  • bellapierre Volume lash waterproof mascara
  • NYX butter lipstick in Ripe Berry
  • Befine Gentle Cleanser with Sugar, Mint, Oats & Rice
$12 Latte nail polish (I’m wearing it also)
Baked Highlighter in Calypso
Mascara Wand 



The mascara is pretty black which I love it’s more of a wet mascara and even though it said Volume it was more lengthening then it was volumizing. (At least the first try on anyways.) I think me personally that  I will like it more when it get’s a little more dry. 🙂

Highlighter swatch and Nyx Lipstick swatch

The highlighter when looking at it in the packaging was kind of meh. But when I swatched it it was SUPER soft and fairly pigmented. My first thought was oh it’s going to be a soft natural kind of highlight but no, no you can make it POP ! Which is the highlight I really love. So I’m so excited to try it!

The lipstick is super creamy and is build-able to a bold bold lip or nice  light berry like  stain on the lips after. 🙂

I also tried the face wash and it felt very cooling and refreshing and kind of calmed things on my face down. (It’s SUPER mad right now after trying a product out. Acne, bumps everywhere! Post soon about it. lol!) Also it’s made with really good ingredients which I love! ❤

Do you do any beauty subscriptions if so do you like them??:)